04 februari 2017

Locatie Foyer
Martelarenplein 12, 3000 Leuven
Deuren 21:00
Ticket info
Bilbo Leuven
Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 13,
3000 Leuven
Het Depot
Martelarenplein 12,
3000 Leuven
Vital Decosterstraat 7,
3000 Leuven

Room setup

Dit concert is niet in de grote zaal, maar in onze foyer
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Mav invites

Maverick invites the most promising names in soul electronics. Save the date for another night with artists who have a soulful, infectious taste in music. Expect a blend of soul, jazz, house, hip hop and electronic waves. Line-up will be online soon.

Title (Live - Antwerpen)
Title’s music can be best described as a mix of hip hop and funky electronics. His idiosyncratic production and creative approach to electronic music has earned him pats on the back by fLako, Lefto and numerous other leading DJ’s and producers. His recent EP’s receiving support from Lefto, Soulection, Kutmah, Paul White and Ryan Hemsworth.

FRIS (Live - Leuven)
Leuven based producer FRIS makes synthy, sample-based beats from hip-hop to up tempo funk. Last summer he dropped a new beat tape called 'U HUNGRY' on the German label UKNOWY. Come see him get the most out of his SP404!

F Yo Couch (DJ Set - Leuven/Antwerpen)
Think Soul Train, 80s' Eddie Murphy and MJ in his prime. F Yo Couch’s tribute to the era of white limousines and Jheri Curls. It's a celebration, ENJOY YOSELF

Louis Vogue (DJ Set - Brussel)
Louis Vogue is no stranger in the Brussels scene. Apart from mixing a deep selection of disco, house and oriental music he also curates his own podcast series 'Call For Cuts'. In 2016 he won the 45 Toeren contest under the approving ears of Mensch, erger je niet.

Flakē (DJ Set - Leuven)
Flake brings an energetic and soulful mix of Hip Hop, Juke, Footwork,Jungle, Funk, Disco and Jazz. He’s one of the selectors of Radio Scorpio’s Klankkultuur show and in 2016 he was one of the 45 Toeren finalists.